Crop Factor Calculator for Filmmakers

Built by Daniel Scott Murphy - DanielScott.Design

Selection Inputs

f/t stop

Simulated Crop Comparison

Since the crop factor is less than 1, no crop will be applied. As a result, you will likely see vignetting in the corners.

Calculated Results

Crop Factor
Effective Focal Length
Effective Aperture (DoF)
Crop Factor with Speed Booster
Focal Length with Speed Booster
Aperture (DoF) with Speed Booster

About the Crop Factor Calculator

This app is useful for those who choose to use larger lenses to adapt to smaller sensor cameras and want to understand how different lenses, sensor sizes, and speed boosters affect the field of view. If you wish to see how these are calculated, view the spreadsheet version of this app here.

While, most people just getting into cinematography and who come from a photography background will often use their full-frame lenses on smaller sensor cameras and want a similar field of view, it is important to know that most high-level cinema productions use a super 35 format, not full-frame.

* Please note that these calculatons are a rough guide to provide a quick reference to help you decide which camera, lens, and speed booster to choose for your rig. It is unrealistic to assume the results are precisely accurate due to lenses having different sensor coverage diameters along with camera sensors having different internal crop modes. These calculations can be even more complicated once you throw anamorphic lenses into the mix.

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  • Add options to view different film aspect ratios

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