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Who Is Daniel Scott?

Daniel Scott Murphy

Hailing from the no-cost of Wichita, Kansas, I work at Newman University, a small Catholic College within the University Relations department performing a variety of roles. Developer, webmaster, designer, photographer, writer, SEOer – these are just some of the hats I wear.

I offer digital marketing and photography freelance services to with Wichita, Kansas area on a part-time basis in order to supplement my love for photography equipment.

I am an outdoorsman. There is no other place I would rather be than outside shooting a landscape above the mist of an early spring morning. I have recently joined the Arkansas River Coalition – a kayak and canoe club that dedicates time and service to cleaning up the Arkansas River and getting youth excited about being a catalyst for ecological change.

New Website

While I write the content for this page, I am nearing the finish line for this new website. It’s been a while since I devoted time to build something for myself and I wanted to take plenty of time to experiment with new development and design techniques. While I am happy with the results of this personal project, there are still so many things I hope to extend, integrate, and design. However, there comes a time in any big project when you just have to push the launch button.

My goal for this website was above all – to have fun and learn new things along the way. I touched up on my AJAX skills, played around with dynamic vector designs, and built a simple yet flexible photo gallery. The fun part is being able to push my skills without someone looking over my shoulder. I enjoy working with a team of people to deploy a large application or project but let’s face it – looming deadlines and service agreements take much of the fun out of what I do. The completion of this project will allow me to hit reset – making the next project at work more enjoyable.

The purpose of the website is to share new experience within the realm of my favorite topics: photography, web, and woodcraft. While authoring tips and tutorials as a professional programmer and photographer, I must fully disclose that woodcraft is a new hobby of mine. I promise to do more than build Popsicle stick birdhouses… after I figure out how to get this first one done 🙂