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The Equilibrium of Life – Public Premiere

The Equilibrium of Life

I am excited to finally announce the public premiere of a short film I directed, The Equilibrium of Life, starring Trevor Vincent Farney and Amy Emerson. The film will premier at Newman University’s De Mattias Performance Hall on Oct. 27.


This film is my first I’ve ever been a part of. I thought to myself initially, “Hey, this will be a fun little project.” I started writing the script back in September of 2016 and began shooting in December. I was ambitious to think I could shoot it all in two full days. Editing alone took over 2 months, working late nights at home in my basement.

The cast, crew, family members, and donors attended the private premiere last March. I was completely surprised to see that over 70 people attended the private premiere. So much positive feedback and praise was received of the film and of the cast and crew. I just felt so grateful to be a part of a project that everyone could be proud to take part in.

I submitted the film early this year to be entered in the Tallgrass Film Festival. Hundreds of films submit entry to the festival each year. My hope was just to get mentioned in the film. A nomination would be a bonus. I had no clue how these film festivals work nor did I have a clue of the scale of entrants.

To my dismay, my film was not selected to enter the Tallgrass Film Festival. After a couple emails, I somehow convinced the festival’s organisers get my film mentioned in the festival as long as I coordinated the date of my film’s premiere to conclude after the festival! It’s not a nomination, or even an entry, but I am stoked just to have my film mentioned at Tallgrass!


Short Film Premiere – The Equilibrium of Life
Friday, October 27
9:00 p.m. 
Newman University – Performance Hall
(inside De Mattias Fine Arts Center)
The film is about 30 minutes long and I will hold a short Q&A session with Trevor and Amy after the screening.
Simon Caldon (Trevor Vincent Farney), an aspiring astrophysicist, develops a close relationship with Kelly (Amy Emerson) during college. After a tragic death of Kelly’s (Amy Emerson) father, Simon Caldon (Trevor Vincent Farney) discovers his ability to travel into the past. Is it a sign of Simon’s destiny to change the fate of the future? Or has his new power lead him down a dangerous and deceptive path?
Light refreshments and popcorn provided.
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