August 24, 2019


Documentary Video,

HumanKind Ministries commissioned Daniel Scott Design with a collection of mini documentaries to be presented during the Humanitarian Awards Banquet in 2019.

This project was comprised of four separate mini documentary videos highlighting the philanthropic achievements of four sets of individuals. For this project, we used two cinema-grade cameras, high quality lighting, and dual audio systems. This setup provided the look we were looking for while keeping the setup light as possible. Having dual audio provided an extra layer of reliability in case one audio system failed.

Creating documentaries such as these requires a knack for story telling. The challenge is to tell a complete story within the time limit given to us by the client. In this case, each video were to be about 3 minutes, 30 seconds. This limitation was proven to be difficult because each person had such great stories to tell while sometimes talking for 10 minutes per response. The final edits required piecing together bite-size clips while still telling the complete story.