May 31, 2019


Wedding Photo & Video,

Project Description

Jorge and Marlene Baray invited me to tell the story of their wedding day. Not just any wedding – a Cabo, Mexico wedding!

I love shooting weddings. There’s little in life that can substitute the excitement I get when capturing an image in camera that I absolutely know will stun the bride and groom. But sometimes it can be a bit challenging; especially when the venue is less than stellar or when the weather turns for the worst and I am forced to get creative indoors. The Baray wedding left me with nothing but opportunity for the best possible photos: beautiful couple, clear skies, and of course, jaw dropping scenery provided by the Sando Finnesterra resort in Cabo, Mexico. These perfect conditions only left me feeling even more pressure to perform because I had no excuse not to provide the best images and video for storytelling.

The challenging part of being an international photographer and videographer from Wichita, Kansas is getting all that equipment safely to the destination. I was carrying my expensive camera gear with lenses, strobe lights, video lights, audio equipment, light diffusers, tripod, stands; you might say I was overly prepared. I carried most of the expensive equipment with me as carry on luggage then paid extra for the stow-away equipment. I didn’t have much trouble going through customs, although the Mexican security took a long look at my strobe equipment which looks somewhat like a radar gun.

The Barays were super kind to provide me with a beach view looking out to the south. It was a spectacular experience for me and as far as I can tell, the Barays enjoyed spending time at the all-inclusive swim up bar.

When Marlene finally got the chance to proof her images, she simply responded “Those look awesome!”

If you’re looking for a destination photographer / videographer from Wichita, Kansas, I would be happy to sit down and talk about how I can tell your story.