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My Why

My Why

I haven’t been able to write to this website as often I would like. I’ve been busy lately with floods, car troubles, and work. On top of that, I started my MBA this fall. I should be reading an assignment right now but I thought I should take some time to write down my thoughts on an interesting discussion.

During my last class in Organizational Behavior, we were asked to explain our “Why”. Why do I work so hard? Why should I do what I do? By doing so, we can better answer how to achieve our “Why”.

Simon Sinek became famous for his Start With Why eureka discovery. His argument is that organizations and people fail because they base their entire business purpose on what, how, and why – in that order. He continues to say that if we work from the center Why and work our way out to the What, we can become more purposeful in our quest to be an inspiration for others to follow our Why and therefore buy into our “What”.

“Of course start with Why! That makes total sense!” I thought to myself. So, I put my pencil to the paper. And I thought. And thought some more. Nothing.

“I have a dream…” – nope that one’s taken. “I want to fly…” – taken.

So what was I to do? Turn to the interwebs of course!

I actually typed in “My Why” into my browser’s search bar. All sorts of cheesy motivational speakers pop up. Most of them seem to ride on Sinek’s coattails. I then stumbled across Helen Lingard‘s video on “What is My Why? How Do I find Out?.” She suggests writing a list of everything you enjoy doing. After studying this list, you should discover what your Why is.

Writing down what I enjoy was a simple task:

  • Travel Photography
  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors
  • Work out (when I have time)
  • Teach things I care about
  • Be challenged
  • Challenge people who doubt others

After engaging in some deep thought of all the items on this list, it happened. My pencil started moving as a crafted my Why. I actually came up with two Whys:

  1. To inspire others through my works of photography, programming, and marketing.
  2. To love what I do while comfortably supporting my family.

Now that I know my Why, I can then develop my how, and what. Okay – now back to my studies (ಠ_ಠ)

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