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Freebee: Media Tagz Gallery

Media Tagz Gallery

I’m a photographer. I’m also a web developer. So naturally, I enjoy developing solutions that make other photographers happy. Photographers are very particular about the presentation and user experience in regard to their photo galleries on the web. Photographers also know how difficult it is to maintain and update an online gallery.

In the process of developing and designing this website, I thought about the concept of organizing photos by tags. Images with a tag of “Landscape” could be pulled into a gallery. That same image showing a caribou in the distance could also have a “Wildlife” tag to pull the same image into a different gallery. No additional database tables and no complex code make this an ideal solution that is sure to outlast other solutions.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not have a “tag” feature for media in the same way that posts have tags. So I turned to WordPress plugins and sure enough I came across “Media Tags” – a plugin that adds the ability to add tags to media. The plugin is mature and leaves behind a light footprint. Most importantly, it’s free.

With the help of the Media Tags plugin, I was able to extend it by adding gallery and album functionality while leaving the large image requests to ajax – making it ideal for large galleries will full-size modal displays. While developing some simple functions in my functions.php file, it had grown to the point that I needed to create a plugin to contain all its parts. Instead of keeping this code to myself, I decided to release it into the wild so that others could benefit from it. I call it Media Tagz Gallery.

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