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Daniel Scott Murphy
Daniel specializes in many creative backgrounds including photography, web development, digital marketing, writing, and filmmaking. He is an MBA student Newman University studying Business Analytics.

Category Archives: Web Development

Ottaway Amusements – Website Project

In July of 2016, Ottaway Amusements rolled out their new website at Their event-driven website features an ultra-modern event hero on their home page with custom-built html5 event banner rotations. One challenge that I was excited to overcome was to give the client the ability to simply add events in the back-end in a […]

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Amazon EC2 + Netbeans Configuration

Who would have thought that a business who’s majority income is derived from online retail goods such as a body fat replicas and bullet shaped ice cube trays would be the first successful scalable (Amazon prefers the term “elastic”) cloud hosting solution? Not only were they the first, AWS isĀ also by far the market leader […]

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Zend 2 + Netbeans + Xampp


I will walk you through the steps to install a Zend Framework Skeleton application using Netbeans IDE within
a Windows PC environment using XAMPP to develop locally.

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Media Tagz Gallery Published to WordPress Directory

Just last week I published the Media Tagz Gallery plugin for Wordpress on GitHub. One week later, Wordpress has approved and made the plugin available through their Plugins Directory.

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Freebee: Media Tagz Gallery

Media Tagz Gallery

As a result of an unsuccessful search for a tag-based lightweight image gallery solution for Wordpress, I developed a simple ajax-powered tag gallery and released it for free on the interwebs.

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