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Amy Emerson adds class to a Wichita photography backdrop

Amy Emerson - Looking Through Vines

During the last weekend of September, I had the absolute pleasure to photograph fellow Wichita native and Newman University student Amy Emerson. She has class, style, and she loves doing “model poses.” She even climbs barbed wire with a skirt on to get the shot.

It was also a great opportunity to get accustomed to the Godox AD600 strobe while shooting on location. I learned so much from this shoot and some of the lesson was learned the hard way.

The benefits of using this new monolight: it’s portable (albeit on the heavy side), is packaged with its own internal wireless receiver, and includes a detachable battery pack. This allowed me to shoot with a monolight wherever opportunity presented itself without having to rely on a power outlet or lug around a heavy power pack.

Before I bought the AD600, I read the reviews and comments from others. A couple people had mentioned to use the handheld extension to reduce the top weight when on a tripod. This extension plugs right into the AD600’s front plate to provide power while the bulb is connected to the extension. Doing so allows the AD600 to be mounted to the bottom of the tripod creating extra weight and stability.

I was naive to think this accessory was just a way for the manufacturer to cross-sell unnecessary accessories.

During the outside shoot, the Kansas winds were unforgiving. The wind kept pushing and twisting the octobox diffuser. I might as well attach a kite to my tripod. Then with little warning, the wind knocked the tripod with the monolight attached to the ground. I gasped. No, actually I said something other than a gasp… but the point here is I goofed up. Luckily, everything was working just fine.

I learned a couple of key takeaways during this shoot:

  1. Bring along some extra help to assist with the unpredictable Kansas wind.
  2. Invest in the right gear so you don’t have to pay to replace broken equipment later.

All that aside, I was very pleased how the photos turned out. Amy was a real champ during the shoot, willing to try anything regardless how goofy she felt about doing “model poses.”

Interested in a local Wichita photography portrait session? Contact me.

Amy Emerson - Kansas Sunset

Amy Emerson - Looking Through Vines

Amy Emerson - Power Stance

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